Coriolis - The Third Horizon

SciFi game set in a distant cluster of systems called "The Third Horizon" where culture is mainly inspired from the Middle East.

Coriolis is a SciFi game where Arabic and Middle-Eastern cultures have replaced the traditional Western culture as a basis for everyday conventions. The action takes place in "the Third Horizon", a cluster of star systems linked together by magnetic portals. There, the Firstcomes and the Zenithians are at odd, trying to peacefully settle their differences. They all share, to an extend, the belief that the divine Icons are watching them, sheltering theirs souls from the Darkness Between the Stars.

Centuries ago, two space ships were sent to Dabaran, a distant star system, to allow humanity to colonize it. Of these ships, only the Zenith arrived in Dabaran, and its crew was shocked to discover that the system was already populated with humans.

Indeed, as the technology kept evolving on their native planet, those who inhabited it found a way to explore the cosmos through magnetic portals left by unknown builders. The first cluster of systems explored by humans was called "First Horizon", and Humanity managed to discover two more. However, the Third Horizon was cut from the others during a devastating war. Cultures and technologies were forgotten as people who settled in the Third Horizon lost contact with each other. When the Zenith arrived, decades later, the crew disbanded their ship to build Coriolis, a space station at the Center of the Third Horizon. These newcomers called themselves "The Zenithians" and rejuvenated commerce and culture between isolated colonies. By opposition, the most traditionalist of the initial settlers called themselves "the Firstcomes" and demanded proper recognition and respect for their traditions. Since decades now, those two fronts managed to keep the Third Horizon in a relative state of peace.

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Science Fiction
Original Swedish Title
Coriolis – mörkret mellan stjärnorna
French Title
Coriolis - Le Troisième Horizon
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Fria Ligan
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