Privacy Policy and data handling

Hosting location and national regulations

The server that hosts the platform is a Droplet from the American company Digital Ocean. The hosting machines are located in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The Matomo instance is hosted on another Droplet from Digital Ocean, located in Frankfurt (Germany). The Human-IST Institute, from whom this project comes, is located in Switzerland.



Please refer to this article for more information about the course of the experiment.

Data we collect

  • Accessing the platform: We collect your information using a self-hosted instance of Matomo, an open-source web analytics platform. These information include:
    • Your browser's technical information (name, engine, version, window's size, etc)
    • The page you visit
    • The time of the visit
    • The username of your account (if logged, see below)
    • Additionally, Matomo installs a cookie on your browser that allows it to know whether you are a returning visitor or not.
  • Registration: In order to register to premDAT, you need to provide us with an username, a working e-mail address and a password. The username is visible to other users of the platform, so we suggest that you do not use a sensitive information, such as your real name. The e-mail address is necessary to keep you informed about the experiment and the data, and is only visible to the administrator of the study and the supervisors of the experiment (see "contacts" below). Once stored in the database, the password is salted, hashed, and is never transmitted.
  • Usage of the platform: You can customize your profile further by providing various information, such as an avatar, a cover image, a textual description and external links. These fields will be visible to other users of the platform. Moreover, adding a new character to the database links this character to your account. Similarly, annotations that you take are also saved on the server, linked to your account.

Your rights

  • You are free to withdraw from the experiment and the platform at any time. If you wish to delete your account and your information, please refer to this article.
  • You can download a copy of all your data at all times from your profile, by clicking the "ellipsis" button present in your profile and choose "export data" from the list of actions.
  • Regarding Matomo, you can opt-out of the data collection by unchecking the box in the iFrame below. Please understand that in order for Matomo to know that you opted-out of the program, it will have to install a cookie on your browser. If you refuse this, we suggest that you use a browser's extension to protect yourself from tracking, such as uBlock.