Le Destin de la Pièce-Monde

Young agents of a pro-Empire group known as "La Pièce-Monde" emerge from their training and investigate multiple incidents across the continent

We started playing our Anima's PCs through a whole different game, "Contes Ensorcelés". That one was aimed at young players, and our storyteller wanted to try it out and see if he could use it for his own children. But as grown up players, we soon decide to turn our attention to more substantial games. And since we liked our characters, we found interesting to "convert" them to the Anima's universe by explaining that their time on the wonderful and pleasant universe of "Contes Ensorcelés" was actually just a training center for young apprentices gifted with supernatural powers.

The PCs wandered across Gaïa, solving various enigmas until they got involved in an over-arching plot involving the Wissenschaft.

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Jumping Flash#0001
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