Requiem for the Golden Sun

When a shady sponsor hires the PCs to rescue mercenaires lost in Coruscant, what appears to be a straightforward investigation turns into a complete mess

This scenario was built for online roleplay, in order to explain why my old character would suddenly resurface a few centuries after her last adventure. While the sessions it fostered online were nice, the typical lack of commitment that plagues online roleplaying community proved to be too much to handle and I decided to convert the adventure into a regular pen-and-paper module. We played this scenario during three sessions, until the PCs had to make a decision about their next move after they found out the whole plot was more complicated than expected. As some players did not answer in months, I gave up here too. Nowadays, I'm working on an adaptation of this module for Coriolis - The Third Horizon.

The following paragraphs reveal the plot of the scenario. If you intend to play it with a PC rather than being the storyteller, I strongly suggest you do not read any further.

The plot is about a group of mercenaries hired by a Jedi to retrieve the coordinates of a long-lost planet that was discovered during the Rebellion Era: Sedri. She heard of the planet using the holocron left by one of her ancestors, who was part of the squadron that discovered Sedri two centuries ago. The Jedi rightfully believes the coordinates are hidden somewhere within the space station of a former member of her ancestor's squadron. As the mercenaries infiltrate the station, they are assaulted by the person who dwells there - an Anzati - and barely manage to escape with a brief recording of a stellar map showing the location of Sedri. The mercenary team goes into hiding, hoping to decrypt and triangulate the position of Sedri for their employer. This silence prompts the Jedi to believe she was double-crossed, and she hunts the team down through other groups of mercenaries. Cornered on Coruscant, the mercenaries soon start to fight among themselves, which makes the decryption of the coordinates all the more complicated.

Meanwhile, the Anzati leaves her station and follows the trails of the mercenaries, leading her to Coruscant as well. There, using a fake identity, she hires a bunch of investigators to help her retrieve those who assaulted her station, and understand what it was all about. These investigators are none other than the PCs, and the Anzati herself is meant to be played in order to spice up the interactions between each member of the group.

The scenario starts with a rather Noir and gritty atmosphere in the lower city of Coruscant until the first two mercenaries are discovered. Then, it turns into a "the hunter is hunted" story when the remaining mercenaries try to get the upper hand over the PCs. Finally, if the PCs are curious enough to decrypt the coordinates themselves, they might chase after the fallen Jedi as she reaches Sedri and tries to exploit the Golden Sun for her own, extreme goals. That last part is more in line with the canon stories of Star Wars.

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