Maury Fils d'Oswald

A robust carpenter with an intellect, whose house was burnt to the point that he decided to take the road in the dreamy worlds of Rêve de Dragon.

Maury was working chiefly as a carpenter in the small, yet somewhat privileged village of Gladfournaz where all could access a decent education. Educated he was, indeed, but he was also physically slow and flawed with an impressive unawareness of his surrounding. He spent evenings reading books on various topics, even that fated night when he invited a Haut-Rêvant in his abode.

For the Haut-Rêvant, going by the name of Oxwell, managed to light the fireplace all too well, starting a fire that soon consumed the house. Indeed, he was not ill-intended nor mad, but just clumsy and dimwitted. In his attempt to push back the flames, he tried other spells, but suffered a dramatic Queue-de-Dragon that made him answer negatively to all questions. When Maury, finally smelling the burnt wood around him, asked Oxwell about it, the latter simply denied any issue and soon, the precious home was down to its foundations. Maury and Oxwell barely made it alive.

But Maury bore no grudge towards Oxwell, loyal to the enlightened ideals of Gladfournaz. Instead, the not-so-young Carpenter saw this as an opportunity to explore the world and soon went through a breach between the dreams, where he lost contact with Oxwell and met instead a whole different group of wanderers. Thus started his adventures, or so it seems. After all, this whole story might be as well the foggy dream of an middle-aged carpenter falling asleep in a tavern…

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Rêve de Dragon
Rêve de Dragon
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𓃢𓃡𓃣 Pierre
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Quite a few times
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