Why such a name?
Rw Nw Prt M Hrw
The Book of Coming Forth by Day

A rather funny story.

To remain within the theme of my blog, an Egyptian-ish name was required for this platform. Finding the right one became a real challenge. While I could not find the Egyptian name for the "weighing of soul" processed by Ienpw (Anubis), the name of the famous "Book of the Dead" seemed like a good match in its stead. The real name of the book is somewhat less gloomy than our modern counterpart: "the Book of Coming Forth by Day", transliterated from Egyptian as "rw nw prt m hrw". Thus, the platform was called "Raw Naw Port Mo Hraw" as a codename during its development. You can still figure this out by looking at a few css classes here and there.

Ready for its prime-time, the platform now has a new name - one that would not hinder people's ability to remember it, while keeping Egyptian roots. premDAT officially stands for "personal roleplay mannerism DATabase". But it is also related to the Egyptian Lemma "pr-mDA.t", which basically means "Archive" or "Book house" in Egyptian, according to the Tesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae.