What is premDAT?

This platform aims at two separate goals.

The first one relates to roleplaying games. Initially built as a personal project in the context of "Les Archives d'Anubis" - a blog dedicated to roleplaying games - PremDAT evolved into a tool open to all geeks around the world. Here you can register your character, describe it according to various dimensions and visualize it among many others. The main point is to create an accurate representation of your roleplaying habits - what types of characters do you play the most compared to the mass, and how you could think out of your box and try new profiles. Moreover, those of you who try to understand global trends in RP communities - might even use this platform to this end.

The second one relates to my PhD Thesis in the context of data visualization. At the Human-IST Institute, we are trying to study the most effective ways of communicating ideas and insights to other analysts (among whom you will be, should you be interested). We are also trying to create a ground truth to evaluate the effectiveness of a data visualization, by classifiyng the types of observations analysts are more likely to provide. Once again, I will be more than honored if you would provide your help to this end.

Pierre Vanhulst

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