Les Cinq Soleils - War of the Governors

A bunch of exceeded sailors embrace the life of pirates, as their fellow rogues attract the attention of powerful Governors of the New World.
The crew of l'Espadon turns to piracy. They organize themselves, judge those sailors who wronged them, then hear that Églantine has a map to a percious treasure that she intends to discover with the help of the pirates.

Monsieur De Jarnac is on trial. He admits having encouraged the mutiny in order to suppress it while eliminating Captain De Sailly, in the hope of subsequently obtaining the post of Captain of the Espadon. When Kieran asks him if he fomented the assassination of Captain De Clichy, he answers that he did not, but struggles to convince the Irishman. The crew finds him guilty and slits his throat before throwing him overboard. Jean Combu and the Weasel - the other two traitors - are nevertheless spared and disembarked as soon as possible. The Chasse Partie of the new pirate crew is created, and the distribution of the booty found on the Espadon is carried out calmly. Églantine Gauthier unveils the real motives that led her, her father, Rosa and Laurence, to undertake a voyage to the New World: she has a fragment of a text allowing them to find an Aztec city filled with gold, and wishes to find allies interested in sharing the gains. The said fragment, accompanied by a letter, belonged to a high-ranking Spanish civil servant (Don Melchor Berenguer Hugo de Azlor y Virto de Vera, Baron de Panzane, President of the Council of the Casa de Contratacion), murdered in Hubert Gauthier's inn during a visit. Based on this, she imposes herself among the crew despite the objections of some sailors who are reluctant to see women remain on board. When Rosa tries to quell the sailors' sexist inclinations, Marcel Beauchamps - a hardy gabier - accepts her challenge to a duel.

Meanwhile, the Espadon approaches the coast of Santo Domingo and moors in a small port - Port Margot - in order to have its Grand Mast repaired, not without noticing the presence of two big Spanish ships that seem to be lurking in the distance, around the Turtle.

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Pavillon Noir - 1st
Pavillon Noir
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