Les Cinq Soleils - War of the Governors

A bunch of exceeded sailors embrace the life of pirates, as their fellow rogues attract the attention of powerful Governors of the New World.
The PCs save a bunch of Buccaneers from their Spanish chasers, and set sail away from Port Margot

At Port Margot, the Pirates pretend to be Captain De Clichy's crew. They obtain the right to use the old mast machine available at the port, and exchange food with a suspicious French merchant - Louis Lefevre. As the tension begins to build around the negotiations, a group of Buccaneers burst in near the Espadon. Soon, the pirates learn that the Buccaneers are being chased by the Spaniards, after they have stolen a sum of 40,000 pieces of eight from them. Having nowhere to go, the Buccaneers agree to join the Swordfish if their crew helps them. Against 300 Spanish soldiers supported by cannons, the Pirates manage to gain time to weigh anchor, not without having first alerted Zébulon Porchel, the steward in charge of the port when the governor is not present: Kieran indeed makes him believe that the Spaniards are attacking Port Margot. But instead of a courageous defensive reaction, Mr. Porchel takes his things and asks the crew of the Espadon to take him to safety, even if it means leaving the civilians to be massacred. The man, and all his family, are welcome aboard the ship … before being taken hostage by the pirates who reveal their identity to him when the coasts recede.

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Pavillon Noir - 1st
Pavillon Noir
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