Les Cinq Soleils - War of the Governors

A bunch of exceeded sailors embrace the life of pirates, as their fellow rogues attract the attention of powerful Governors of the New World.
The PCs reach Tortuga and manage to find Charles Vane's ship, only to be forced to flee in front of him. They land at a nearby cove and meet with a scary, nameless pirate captain, as well as an innkeeper that indicates a way to Basse-Terre.

Orest, Jamaiss and Kieran discuss the rest of the operations. Their goal is to find the golden city Eglantine spoke about. It appears they will have to track down the various authors of the fragmented parchment - the Spanish adventurers. Charles Vane stole part of the Gauthier fragment - the one in the possession of Hubert Gauthier, which was on the Lady Jeanne when it was attacked. As they don't feel up to the task, our heroic pirates prefer to opt for the other solution - to find Mlle De Fontenay - Mme De Cazauban by her real name - the bride of the High Spanish Official recipient of the letter in possession of Églantine. Once again, Églantine seems to have a head start. She found Mrs. De Cazauban's son - Xabi De Cazauban - back in Brest. As he also searches for his mother, he agreed to join the Espadon. Nonetheless, he has no idea where his mother might be at the moment.

At that time, the Assembly of the Espadon decides to reach Basse-Terre - the only port of the Tortoise - in order to find Charles Vane. Some sailors have heard that he was currently there. On the ground, it would be easier to take the fragment back from him. Close to its destination, the Espadon is greeted by a warning shot led by Mark Read, a notorious member of Vane's crew, perched atop the fort that protects the harbor. Deciding to turn on their heels immediately, the Pirates flee to Cayonne, a very small and relatively unknown "port" a few miles away. Kieran, Jamaiss and Orest dismount and look for a way to reach Basse-Terre through the jungle. Instead of a guide, they discover a formidable, nameless Pirate Captain with a fiery temperament, who gets drunk with his crew in a small inn. Their heated discussion revolves around a poor Pirate Captain - Cosme de Laserna - who has decided to flee an English ship despite the superiority of his Frigate, near Anguilla. His crew would then have chained him to the helm of the ship before escaping anyway, leaving him in the hands of his enemies. The anonymous Pirate crew argues over what should have been the reaction of the sailors to respect the Code of Piracy. Following an indiscretion of the innkeeper who considers the pirates only as a band of unethical sea brigands, "No Name" the Captain turns red and is about to tear the guts of the reckless before our heroes intervene and calm the situation. As a thank you, the innkeeper reveals that Charles Vane has a good relationship with the Governor of Santo Domingo (by extension, the Governor of Tortuga) and that he also has a lair on the island. He further explains that the ideal way to reach Basse-Terre would be to go there by sea, in small, discreet boats.

Our pirates are therefore preparing for their trip to Basse-Terre, a wonder of the New World in the eyes of pirates.

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Pavillon Noir - 1st
Pavillon Noir
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