Les Cinq Soleils - War of the Governors

A bunch of exceeded sailors embrace the life of pirates, as their fellow rogues attract the attention of powerful Governors of the New World.
The PCs reach Ginger Island - "The Green Hell" as called in French - and figure out Cosme managed to reach the island by hiring a Native to guide him. One of the crewmembers of Cosme de Laserna had joined Howell Davis' after betraying his former captain, and the PCs decide to interrogate him. They meet with the formidable tricker David, obtain the right to question his crewmember, and discover that the native hired by Cosme is now working in a plantation in La Martinique.
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Pavillon Noir - 1st
Pavillon Noir
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𓃢𓃡𓃣 Pierre
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