Isaiah Jemjhet

A pleasant Guardian of Fire, who embarked in the Crusade to liberate an allied city, despite his strong impostor syndrome.

Background's hooks

  • Sole child of two Guardians of Fire, Devona and Orion. He was cherished boy, by the Guardians' standards.
  • Gifted but idle, Isaiah failed to reach his full potential during his stay in Phenice, requiring his family to save himself from disgrace several times. In this respect, his uncle Jamei watched over him during years. Isaiah feels indebted and shameful toward him.
  • Recently, a convict managed to escape during his watch, although Isaiah managed to outrun him and take him down (otherwise, he would likely have been demoted to the lowest ranks of the Guardians). Still, this was too much of a mistake and he willingly joined the Crusade to try to better himself.

Appearance hooks

  • Slim, dark-skinned young man with a flashing smile and deep gaze. Definitely good-looking.
  • Does not harbour scars - a sign of both his skills and the safe life he led until the Crusade.


  • short-term: get the Crusade to its destination.
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Guardian of Fire
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Dark Earth - 1st
Dark Earth
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𓃢𓃡𓃣 Pierre
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